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Hi, I'm Dr. Miriam Torres Brinkmann, a licensed marriage and family therapist and relationship coach based in San Diego, CA who works with clients nationally and globally, online and in person. ​ I offer couples' private intensive two-day sessions and other services, such as couples coaching, therapy, discernment counseling, individual therapy and much more to help you thrive in your relationships. 

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Services for couples

Whether want to prepare for the next stage, you want to tune up your relationship, are in dire straights or are contemplating separation or divorce, I have a service for you. 

A two days intensive is a private, personalized experience for couples committed to change. This option is the most effective way for those who are struggling and want to make a change quickly. In just two days, couples can address the root of their problems and develop sustainable strategies for resolving them. 

Couples therapy can help you reconnect, improve communication, and rebuild trust. If you're struggling in your relationship, don't wait until it's too late. Seek help today.

Discernment counseling is a service offered to couples when one of the partners is not sure if he or she wants to stay married. The goal  is clarity and confidence about which direction to take for the marriage, based on a deeper understanding of the relationship and its problems.

Explore other services for couples and for individuals 

Individual therapy (EMDR, hypnotherapy...)
Life Coaching

Miriam literally saved my marriage. She helped us reconnect in ways that I didn't know were possible any more. I had almost given up and now we are in a great place. 

Anumpa, Age 39

Miriam's books for couples 
Relationship Questions for Couples
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