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My husband and I have had some very difficult issues in the past and have seen quite a few therapists for couples therapy. Dr. Brinkmann was by far the best couples therapist we had and did more for us than any other therapist. Dr. Brinkmann taught us real tools and techniques to use with one another and provided us the safe space for my husband and I to acknowledge the times we hurt one another, take responsibility for it, and move forward. Dr. Brinkmann taught us how to really listen and communicate with one another, which saved our marriage. I am truly grateful for Dr. Brinkmann and I would highly recommend her to anyone who is having marital issues.”

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My husband of 9 years has opened up like never before. Our sessions with Miriam have transformed our marriage. Now I look forward to coming home after work, while two months ago I was questioning the future of our relationship.

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I'm so grateful for the work that Miriam did with my partner and me. We are a multicultural couple, and we were struggling with communication and cultural differences. Miriam was able to help us understand each other's perspectives and to develop strategies for communicating more effectively. She also helped us to appreciate our cultural differences and to see them as a source of strength in our relationship. I highly recommend Miriamto any multicultural couple who is looking for help.

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Miriam literally saved my marriage. She helped us reconnect in ways that I didn't know were possible any more. I had almost given up and now we are in a great place.

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Miriam showed me my superpowers to turn around what it was a dying relationship into a beautiful thing. 

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