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Discernment Counseling

Standing at the Crossroads: Discernment Counseling for Torn Couples at the Brink

Frozen in the agonizing "stay or go" dilemma? You're not alone. The idea of divorce whispers in your ear, but a flicker of hope remains. Discernment counseling is your lifeline, offering a safe space to slow down, take a breath, and explore your options.

Designed for couples like you:
  • One partner leans out – hesitant about the marriage, unsure if therapy is worth it.

  • The other leans in – desperate to save what's left, clinging to the possibility of repair.

  • With a discerning therapist as your guide, you'll navigate this emotional crossroads together. The goal isn't to fix problems right away, but to gain clarity and confidence about your next step. We'll explore these different paths:

  • Restoring your marriage to health: Can the fire be rekindled? Is rebuilding a real possibility?

  • Taking a compassionate path towards divorce: If separation seems inevitable, how can you navigate it with respect and understanding?

  • Hitting the pause button: Need more time to reflect? We'll create a space for individual decisions, free from pressure.

Compassion, not blame: Leave the "good guy/bad guy" narrative at the door. This journey is about self-reflection and understanding, not assigning fault.

Tailored conversations, shared progress: Each of you has a unique perspective. Individual time with each partner allows you to explore your inner turmoil without judgment, while joint sessions foster understanding and communication.

Respecting your individuality, empowering your choices: The counselor guides, but never dictates. Ultimately, your decision holds the power to shape your future, together or apart.

A quick path to clarity: Discernment counseling is time-sensitive, with a maximum of five sessions. Each session allows you to delve deeper, gaining valuable insights with every step until you reach confidence and clarity in you decision. That can happen in the first session or in following ones, but no more than five.

Not for everyone: While powerful, this approach isn't for all couples. It's not suitable for:
  • Those with a fixed decision to divorce

  • Partners forced into therapy

  • Relationships marred by domestic violence

Ready to break free from the uncertainty? Contact me today. Discernment counseling can illuminate your path, leading you towards a future built on clarity and confidence, no matter the choice you make.

Remember: You're not alone in this struggle. Discernment counseling can be your guiding light, leading you through the darkness and towards a brighter tomorrow.

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