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Parenting and Co-parenting for divorced parents 

Raising children can be extremely rewarding - providing us with years of joy and wonder. But at times children can challenge us to our very core and present problems that we have never encountered before.


Whether you are divorcing, have problems with your child’s behavior, or just want to learn some new parenting tools, I can help.

What do I offer?

I offer private courses, tailored to your needs as well as courses accepted by the Superior Court of California. Those are not group classes, so we meet at a convenient schedule for two hours at a time. 

We offer the courses in English and Spanish. 

 Prices for the private classes (new prices starting March 1st 2019):

  • 4 hours course ($305)

  • 6 hours ($420)

  • 10 hours ($650)

  • 12 hours ($780)

After attending the course,  we provide the parent with a certificate of complexion accepted in the Family Court of San Diego.

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