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Life Coaching

Reach the Top

Are you ready to make some changes in your life?

Do you feel stuck in one or more areas?

Are you ready to find more fulfilment? 

Would you like to adopt better habits? 

Would you like to clarify goals? 

Are your priorities aligned with your values? 

I believe you have all the resources in you. Through coaching, I will give you the tools to access those resources and to move forward. 


Are you ready to overcome past traumas and start a healing path?

Has something happened to you that you would like to process and find meaning? 

Do you have symptoms like irritability, sadness, anxiety, difficulty concentrating or anger and would like to understand yourself and where do they come from ? 

I use EMDR, hypnotherapy, emotionally focus therapy and other tools to help you in your healing process. 

*This service only can be provided is you are a California resident. 

Relationship Coaching

Friendly Conversation


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